Growing up in South Africa, Ian developed an early passion for flowers and color and light, all of which is evident in his unique photographs. Ian immigrated to America with his family in 1980 and lives and works in New York City. Ian has been influenced by artists such as Turner, Rothko and O’Keeffe and continues to explore new ways of photographing flowers, developing his own unique style of photography.

Ian has had several solo shows in New York and Cincinnati and has participated in group shows at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Kennedy Space Center and has exhibited in galleries, both in the States and in South Africa. Ian has work in the Pulitzer Collection, the NASA Collection, and the Allen Collection, and in numerous other private collections.



2018 K&P Gallery, New York, NY

1997 Architrove Gallery, Long Island, New York
1995 Architrove Gallery, Long Island, New York
1987 Closson’s Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
1981 Closson’s Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

2017 Xavier University Gallery
2000 Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York
1995 Revel Gallery, New York
1988 Visions of Flight, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
1988 Visions of Flight, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
1986 Wind-Borne Gallery, Connecticut
1987 Closson’s Gallery, Cincinnati
1983 82nd Annual Art Exhibition, New Haven Gallery
1976 Collectors Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
1975 Gallery 101, Johannesburg
1962 New Signatures Exhibition, Egon Gunter Gallery, Johannesburg

Cincinnati Bell Collection
Cincinnati Medical School
Pulitzer Collection
Allen Collection
NASA Collection

1988 NASA - “Challenger” Space shuttle
1988 Communication Arts - Award of Excellence
1988 Communication Arts Magazine Competition - Award of Excellence
1983 82nd Annual Art Exhibition, New Haven - Best of Show
1980 Portrait commission of the Bishop of Ohio
1976 South African Government Philatelic Services - Commemorative stamp
1962 New Signatures, Egon Gunter Gallery, Johannesburg - Honorable Mention